Saturday, August 24, 2013

So pleased to sell a HUGE canvas print of Blue Ridge Jewels and Take the Belt Buckle Challenge...

I have sold a lot of large originals and large prints of my work but I was so pleased to sell my first huge(40"x50") canvas print of Blue Ridge Jewels!  This painting is one of my most colorful evening views of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia.  The painting is owned by a great California patron who gave me fantastic feedback for it and will be buying more in the future for her new home.  I have 61 images  in my Mega View folder in my portfolio and I hope more people will take advantage of a large vista landscape, still life, or portrait for their home.

 I love carrot cake but my husband can't eat wheat and my son doesn't like it.  I offered to try to make it with rice flour but that idea went over like a lead balloon.  Finally I decided to make it and freeze half so I could get the rest later.  I can't eat a lot of it at a time since I have a tendency to gain weight.  The Battle of the Bulge has been my theme song since I was a kid.

I told my husband what I planned to do and he said I should make the whole cake.  Take the belt buckle challenge!  Keep eating the cake until you need to go to the next notch!

WISE GUY!  Half of the cake is in the frig and the other half is in the freezer.  I am winning the Battle of the Bulge and I'm not giving up now!

Be sure to check out my Limited Time Promotions on Fine Art America!  I put up three favorites every week.

Again, looking forward to the return of The Mindy Project September 17th!  Hope they have more shots of Reaching Out!

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