Saturday, August 17, 2013

Loading Away and It is always a good day...

Still working away at uploading artwork.  The slides are not too much of a problem as long as I have ink in my printer but the ones I have to take outside are quite a pain.  Right now I am taking pictures of flat ware so I am taping them to the wall which is much easier then dragging my easel outside.  Still having a great time with my Kendall Expressions folder.  These paintings are my personal take on Expressionism which has always been a favorite style of art for me.  I like to switch mediums every now and then so it is great to be in Acrylics again.

We were at a friend's house in Childress and noticed the chickens that were walking around their yard.  They don't have chickens, but their neighbors do.  They looked like they were having a great day pecking everything in sight so I mentioned that to my husband.  He replied that it is always a good day when you are not on the menu.  He certainly has a point there.

Be sure to check out new work in Kendall Expressions!  I am working on a new one right now and hope to have it up soon!

Also, don't forget my Limited Time Promotions on Fine Art America.  I always have three up!.  Forty percent off the regular price!

The second season of The Mindy Project will air September 17th and I am looking forward to seeing my best seller on the set.  I hope they have more scenes in her office where it is located.

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