Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sold Another Print, Limited Time Promotion on Favorites and I think I will buy a rack...

A great patron in Temple Texas bought a print of "Blue Ridge Jewels" last night. That was a nice email to wake up to. It is great to see my work reach more and more places. I already have work in Texas but this is the first print for Temple. This week I have three favorites in the Limited Time Section at the top right. "A Break in the Clouds", "Marsh View at Pawleys Island", and "Natural Rhythm" can be bought at a greatly reduced price. Check it out!

I do a series of stretching exercises before I get out of bed. Then I do a yoga stretching exercise. Before I walk, dance or swim I do stretching exercises which I repeat after I am done. At night I work with weights and do one more round of stretching exercises and I STILL HAVE PIRIFORMIS! I think I will get a Medieval torture rack and just lay there until these muscles unwind. Don't send me a link. I'll look for one on ebay.

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